~ Agua De Ruda Spirit Cologne ~


Travel Size 1.7 oz


This recipe is based off of my personal connection to the essence // spirit of Ruda. Rue has showed up in my life and brought protection for myself, my work, my altar and my family. Prosperity, luck and abundance becomes present in your life when praying and working with Ruda.

This is a spiritual cologne for external use only. I use this in floor washes and deep cleaning, offering on my altar, putting it on hands before prayer// ritual, spiritual baths, protection cologne for kids and babies.


Use Ruda as it calls to you, they will tell you how they want to be used.


This prayer came to me when doing work protecting myself and babies from mal de ojo, returning what was sent to me and bringing in abundance and prosperity in its place. Ruda is potent in bringing love/lovers into your life as well.


The photograph on the label was taken by my grandfather in Bolivia at my grandmothers sweater business.


::Prayer to Ruda::


Elder Rue,

I pray to you.

I ask that you remove any mal de ojo

cast my way clouding my prosperity.

Wrap your protective field around my business,

my family and my home. When I call to you Ruda,

allow my prayers to you to bring forth abundance,

prosperity, and fast luck. Grant happiness to my soul.


This is an alcohol based product so please be mindful where you use it.


Ingredients:: Spirit Essence of Ruda, Anise Hyssop, Whole Plantas for scent + Rum, Prayer, Love

Mini Agua De Ruda