each one of one IntiArt piece comes with an Agua De ruda + a fresh bundle of rue to cleanse your body with.


a project I’ve been working on with my grandmother to highlight her work and provide income for her + other local indigenous artists in Bolivia. It takes time for these garments to make but they will last a lifetime. She is in her 70s and full of life and I would love for her works to be left with people who can honor and utilize the sacredness of wool and keeping our organs warm and protected. I can remember her always wearing wool no matter the weather. IntiArt ™ original jumper made out of 100% organic baby alpaca wool that expands so it can also be used during pregnancy, during la cuarentena (the fourth trimester or “postpartum”), ceremonial underwear to wear while menstruating (+ bloated), womb closing ceremonies, to keep the womb warm + air circulating. Can be worn as shorts with herbs tucked in to protect the space with some hoops and a calm lil lipstick beat 🐍🐍🐍 dyed with plants . each order will come with a bottle of Agua de Ruda which the image on that bottle was taken by my grandfather when my grandmother would bring the community together to teach and learn knitting from each other to provide income. Moon day. Let’s get this healing. (Baby alpaca wool is used so it is not itchy, this is what they use for underwear and baby clothing).

IntiArt Womb Warmer Alpaca Wool Jumper