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Inti Art is a sweater business that was created by my grandmother after my grandparents had met in Bolivia. Together they expanded and my grandma would work with her community, teaching and learning knitting and dying with the alpaca wool. This was my abuelas passion and life work. In her youth she spent much of that time traveling internationally and selling her work. Last year I had the honor of collaborating with her and honor her artistry by making a small batch of Womb Warmers + these hand knitted baby sweater sets. We invited ceremony and art to come together. These are not only a garment to wear, but to create ceremony and protection everytime they are worn. She took her time revisiting her passion and knitting them for a limited batch of what may be her last of IntiArt. These are one of a kind garments to enjoy and protect your baby in and hold on to as a piece of IntiArt to remember them by. Even though I wasn't alive yet when she ran IntiArt, this was a blessing to collaborate for PlantasForThePeople and know and hold a piece of history created with her hands from an artist to an artist. This is the woman who I come from. Made from baby alpaca wool and dyed with natural plant materials. Baby alpaca wool is used because it does not get itchy on the skin; The wool works the same way on the body as it would still on the animal. Expanding when hot to invite circulation, and constricting when cold to retain heat. That is why babies are still able to wear this in the spring and winter because it works with nature and keeps the organs protected. 

Comes with a mini bottle of Agua De Ruda to use when wanting to bless and refresh the garments, or on babies bassinet and items. <3

Inti Art Infant Sweater + Hat

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