a tincture to support the flow and rhythym of the body during many moon cycles. bottled on the Pisces New Moon-


ingredients: cramp bark, quinoa vodka, pisces new moon

dosage: 2 ml 3 times daily when needed


can be taken before menstrauting-

(***cramp bark can help relieve menstraul cramps, but the root cause of a pattern of cramping should be monitored, it is a sign from the body that should be addressed.***)


Cramp bark is significant for treating menstrual cramps, calming an irritable uterus in pregnancy and a treatment for labor pains + afterpains in the postpartum period. It is also great at relaxing muscles and blood vessels which lowers blood pressure.


Relieves pains associated with frequent and painful urination from bladder and urinary infections. May decrease the urgency of urination as well. ***Cramp bark is effective at relieving the discomfort associated with these infections, but will not cure the infection. Addressing the infection alongside taking this is important.


An antispasmodic herb: it is helpful at relieving muscle spasms that cause spasmadic coughing, promoting a restful sleep.


Can treat muscle cramps, spasms and twitches. Taking cramp bark while on bed rest or immobilized decreases the discomfort. 


As always, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. Please consult with your trusted health care professional before usage.


*** Avoid if allergic to aspirin

*** Avoid for small children

*** Can aggravate tinnitus

*** Avoid use with blood thinners

*** May lower blood pressure

Cramp Bark: Many Moons Tincture

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