((the chief ingredient in this oil is black walnuts so it is not suitable for anyone with that allergy))


  • AKA higherself activation oil AKA let that sh*t go oil AKA stay sucka free oil AKA all ties loose oil AKA talk yo shit oil AKA take yo energy back oil


this oil highlights accountability - it will bring to the surface the situations, thoughts and people we are energetically tied to so we can cut the cords and release what is no longer serving us. cords + situations, trauma bonds - addictions, memories, friendships, relationships, generational ties we are holding onto. This new awareness of wanting to release and create change work with the plant essences in this oil to bring out your confidence and strength to be able to prevail. This is a tool to encourage you to make room in your life to be able to find and build your community, to inspire your highest self so you can show up to places and build relationships that match that .  Release to heal those internal wounds . These energies Welcome your spirit back into your body with a fresh perspective so don't ever let nobody f*ck wit your energy again.


:: USAGE ::



can be used in baths, to annoint the body, candles, tools

  • 9 drops of this oil + intention will activate its magick
  •  can also be used as a light face serum to combat acne, scars + bacteria . I tend to keep this oil on hand for scrapes burns + cuts because it works for physical wounds as well .


each order comes with a small jar of my personal resin mix to burn on charcoal to cleanse, uplift and bless your space . oil was made during the Nu Moon in Libra, charged on the Aries Nu Moon.


ingredients:: black walnut, yarrow, plantain leaf + herbs/flowers infused in grapeseed// olive oil

Cord Cutting Oil // HigherSelf Activation

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