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About Me:

- Jocelyn Eve 

An artist of many interests and forms. Seed preserver, community garden farmer, birthing and womb wellness attendant and advocate, herbal medicine cultivator, mother, and educator.



Plantas For The People is about bridging the gap between the people in the community and the land, bringing forth the vision of gardens sprouting from the concrete up. We're for those who know to listen for the birds amidst city traffic and eagerly anticipate the trade off of neighbor's fire escape herbs for sopa in the summer.


Our mission is to transform the seemingly inaccessible into reality, reawakening the stories of our legacies embedded in seeds and making the connection to the land tangible for all. It's not just about showcasing what we've cultivated; it's about empowering you to get involved.


Plants have the power to spark movements and inspire action because they're always in cycle. At Plantas For The People, we're attuned to this rhythm, guiding you on a journey of connection, growth, and transformation.


Become involved with our mission as we cultivate communities, nurture legacies, and reclaim roots in the five NYC boroughs. Together, we can sow the seeds of change and cultivate a future where everyone has access to the nourishing and abundant healing of the land.


Reconnecting the diverse roots of the community to their origin through preserving culture, medicine, food, stories and prayer in seed and plant life. Transitioning access to wholesome food and agricultural education as a resource and means of life. Food you have the chance to connect to is a privilege, food that has the chance to turn to seed to be preserved is a privilege. 


Bringing to light the power of developing seed saving skills and the ways we contribute back to society and the land through this act. Initiating education through action and producing to provide for the community. Plantas for the people means embracing nature as a mind, body, soul connection to the underserved areas that can benefit the most from this. 

Encouraging these skills to be passed down, reawakens history, advocates for life skill and embraces the direct connection the land has to connecting us back to ourselves.

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